Diamond DNA Activation Webinar


This webinar is a full nervous system upgrade with 4 extremely powerful and life-changing activations.  These activations with continue to shift your energies over the next few week and even the next few months.

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This replay package has 6 video and audio sections that include the four activations listed below.

Nervous System Upgrade:

Our body contains many nerves that are controlled by our brain and different parts of the body. This activation upgrades your nervous system to enable you to hold the new higher energies on this planet, without these energies affecting you on a physical level.

Fruit of Life:

This opens and connects your 13 chakras, so they can release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in energy flow. These stagnant energies can cause physical pain and illness and affect your ability to manifest. Chakras are portals that send and receive information. They are also the entrance for life-force energy. When this energy flows freely throughout your Being, you can be in your true power. This activation lights up your Fruit of Life in your Sacred Geometry.

God Head:

Works on and actives four glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata, or God Head. The purpose of this advanced activation is to awaken the psychic abilities, and as a result participants may experience:
Better communication with your spirit guides, higher self, angels, the Creator
An easier flow in life
Ability to trust yourself and your instincts
Greater awareness of truth
Understanding of what steps to take to lead the life you desire
Freedom from fears that used to stop you from moving forward
Each time you listen to this activation, your vibrations will rise higher.

Diamond DNA:

Diamond is a powerful stone. The energy of diamonds holds spiritual properties that can enhance your intuitive abilities and help you open your inner channels to divine knowing. This Activation lights up the crystalline properties and activates the diamond energy in your DNA.  Receiving this energy helps you to:

– Develop deeper intuition.
– Activate your higher awareness.
– Access your inner wisdom.


Listen to this often to keep increasing your awareness and intuition, as well as to keep you in this vibration.

As a suggestion, this Activation is best to do after receiving the Nervous System Upgrade Activation.




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