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Deactivating Mind Control Webinar


The press, television, your parents, your teachers, your boss, your friends, social media…however well meaning, they all contribute to your thoughts. Your thoughts are at the root of your beliefs. This is mind control.

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This is two part audio webinar with over an our of content.

Most of us submit to this form of mind control one way or another.

How often have you let that happen to you? How much longer do you want to give away your essence, YOUR MIND?

During this webinar Tamra shared over 20 activations all wrapped around the primary energy of “Disconnect from Mind Control“.

We all have the ability to choose. We can choose to start NOW by shaping our own thoughts. When we are thinking for ourselves, when we are not letting someone or something else control our minds, we move closer to the world we want to see for ourselves and our families.

But we need to be able to let go of the “shoulda / woulda / coulda” that is existing in our consciousness and subconsciousness.

Download the MP3 and listen anywhere or watch the YouTube links (only in the email) to experience the event as it was presented! Take back the control of your own thoughts!


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