Caste System: Money


This activation releases you from genetic cultural, religious beliefs of being too good or not good enough. It aligns you to be a citizen of the universe without judging yourself or others.  It allows you to align with your peers and feel good about yourself, no matter how you grew up.


This activation is similar to the Cast System Family, but this time it is about feeling worthy and equal to everyone regardless of how affluent your upbringing. It clears those ancestral programs making you feel less than or unworthy when interacting with someone who was brought up with money and also clears programs of superiority for those who were brought up with money. When we release all this ancient prejudice around money we are free to interact on an equal footing with everyone and be truly abundant in our own lives.

  • 2 MP3 – that you can put on any mobile device to listen anywhere
  • BONUS: Poverty Perception (Clear the collective and cultural consciousness of lack and limitation).We cleared the collective and cultural consciousness and belief systems around money, lack and any other blocks to abundance or connection to the flow of life. .
  • Downloadable immediately after purchase
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