Caste System Family: Release judgments and unhealthy comparison


Do you believe that your siblings, your relatives, or your peers are better than you in their career, relationships, or abilities? Are there any unhealthy comparisons and judgments within your family? Do you constantly feel inferior to others?

This Activation releases you from comparing and judging yourself, your family, and others in relation to abilities, choices, lifestyles, and all other aspects of life. This allows you to be in line and equal with others no matter what nationality you are born with, what socio-economic status you currently belong to, or what lifestyle you choose to live.

When you receive this Activation, it helps you to:

– Remove unhealthy comparisons that put you in a state of inferiority or superiority.
– Stop judging yourself as worse or better compared to your family members or your peers.
– Feel good about yourself by focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, building a grateful mindset, or accepting yourself as you are.

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