*Body Armor Webinar


This Body Armor Webinar Includes The Following Activations !

Body armor, Re-Gil Theory Betrayal by Buying the Lease, Resentment, Guilt, Fear All about Your Body, Fear of betrayal. We trade someone, Anger and resentment towards God, Fear of Your Power,Free your genetics, Organ rejuvenation, Are you a parasite?, Are You Martyr, Body Image, Fear Power,Organ Rejuvenation For Your Genetics,  Moses Codes, Age Reversal, Activate Your Telomeres, Body Image, Body Armor, Un- box Your Heart and Remove The Wall, I am Beautiful, Guided Meditation and onnecting you to all source of your beauty



I have tried for years to drop weight and no matter what I did, the weight just stayed on. I know a lot of it had to do with both emotional and physical issues. On this webinar I will show you what I have been doing with to become radiantly healthy!

I will show you a powerful process that will cleanse your liver of nasty toxins. I’ll give you instructions about the liver and provide a downloadable PDF so you can follow it and get healthy!

We will also be working on belief systems about weight and will be doing weight and health activations.

I had a friend of mine Terry O’Connell, who was obese in her lifetime here on earth, come to me while I was in the shower. She told me that being unhealthy and overweight has to do with body armor and how you armor your body to protect you from trauma. She told me that I needed to do a webinar on this.

Terry is now in the place that we call heaven. I have not talked to her since she passed away two years ago, but she just came to me and said she wants to do this webinar with me. She will be bringing in a lot of information from what her belief systems were that kept her sick, and how to clear it.

Terry is an amazing teacher incredible woman and I really like Terry a lot. I’m so excited she showed up to work with me on this. Are you ready to shed your body armor?

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