Black Magic Puppet Master Masterclass


This Webinar Includes: Unmasked Deactivation,
Prophets Return Activation,
Universal Life Grid Activation,
Guided Meditation – Pillar of Light

There are deceivers among us. There are people who pretend to work for the light but are actually twilight workers. There are lots of them out there. They come into your life and mess with your energy to control you. They are so self-absorbed that they end up attacking you instead of helping. In this webinar, Tamra will be running deactivations to clear the energies that get you affected by them. Not only that, after this webinar you’ll be able to see who they are.

The webinar consists of:

1) Unmasked Deactivation: A lot of people around us wear masks of pretending to be something or someone. By running the Unmasked activation you’ll be able to see through what they are pretending to be and who they really are behind the mask. So when you get this deactivation you can start recognizing the twilight workers, the black magic puppet masters that really try to control you.

2) Prophets Return Activation: There’s a lot of us here on earth working for God. The current occurences throughout the world often pushes them into fear. They need to feel safe to return, and to work, and to be seen, to be heard, and be able to be of service without the fear of dying because of being of service. This activation frees the energies that are holding them back.

3) Universal Life Grid Activation: This activation puts an energy shield around you so that the energy from the black magic puppet masters and the twilight workers cannot penetrate your auric field anymore.


Pillar of Light Guided Meditation: Tamra is going to teach you how to become that pillar of light that you truly are; how to shoot it up, and how to see it. And when you get really good at this as you practice this, you’ll be able to see the arrows and everything else being shot at you, and be able to clear them to bring you into your power.

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