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Activation Recording Webinar


Just back from Stonehenge and Glastonbury, and from roaming around in fresh crop circles, Tamra shared seven activations.

The activations address a wide range of topics from health, to collective consciousness to psychic abilities.

  • Cell Snap brings your cells back to their optimum balance and health. It is about rejuvenation on the cellular level. The perfect balance of hormones and metabolism, alertness and relaxation.
  • Collagen and Stem Cells revitalizes connective tissue and awakens stem cells. Stem cells can become other cells as needed. They are a keystone of the immune system. Collagen diseases such as lupus involve an auto-immune condition.
  • Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil is about gaining release from the collective consciousness of always having to battle evil. This activation clears attachment to this consciousness of struggle that is reflected on many different levels, from spiritual dualism to the mass media.
  • Learning through Suffering releases the sense, shared by many, that you have to learn through suffering, that to learn you must suffer. Since we choose our lessons, and how the universe presents them, we can choose to learn instead through joy and happiness.
  • Glass Ceiling enables us to recognize instances we are setting a subconscious barriers for ourselves–a points that for some reason we don’t feel safe to move beyond. This activation makes it easy to identify and remove these self-imposed limits, and stand up in our light.
  • Being Present and Listening  is about being emotionally present and open to really hear others, to hear their truth, to listen with the soul.
  • What If Miracles Do Happen? addresses the question of, “Okay, if a miracle happens, then what?!” It releases any fears or insecurities we might have about what a world in which miracles take place would be like.
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