*26 Foundations Activations


Includes 3 FREE activations in one audio file:

Lord Metatron (formerly Sun Disc Dial), Avebury-Stonehenge, Moses Code,


Super DNA, God Codes, Heaven On Earth, Fruit Of Life, Original Light Language, Mother Earth, Christ Consciousness, Illumination, Creator’s Truth, Collective Wound Release, Creative Gene, Sacred Blueprint, Sacred Sexuality, Addiction Redirection, Planetary Alignment, Collective Church, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena, Are You A Martyr?, Sacred Power, and Life’s Grid.

BONUS: Inner Child Reconnection, Family Constellation


1. Lord Metatron
2. Tree of Life (Moses Code)
3. Avebury-Stonehenge
4. Christ Consciousness
5. Super DNA
6. Mother Earth
7. Mother Mary
8. Family Constellation
9. Original Light Language
10. Inner Child Reconnection
11. Fruit of Life
12. Universal Life’s Grid
13. Heaven on Earth
14. Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension
15. Planetary Alignment
16. Bleeding Heart
17. Sacred Power
18. Are you a Martyr
19. Release From Spiritual Ego Activation
20. Addiction Redirection
21. Anger and Resentment Towards God Activation
22. Soul Mates
23. Polar Opposites
24.Sacred Blueprint
25. Collective Church
26. The Creative Gene


God Codes
Collective Wound Release
Mary Magdalene
Sacred Sexuality

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