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Experience our groundbreaking series of comprehensive training, meticulously designed to empower you at every level. Dare to become the catalyst for change and step into your destiny today!


Ignite your passion for growth and discovery with Sacred Activations! Schedules for next live classes are within each training description. Just click the class that you are interested in. Previous class recordings are available immediately after purchase.

"Every time there is something new, you can't get enough of Tamra and her teachings. Every course is a blessing, every time you repeat the course is another blessing. Thank you infinitely!"
Maria L.
SA Practitioner


Take your skills to extraordinary heights and become a true catalyst for change. Please note that these classes have pre-requisites. Learn more within each description when you click the class that you are interested in.

Newest Training

Unleash your true mastery with our game-changing 2-DAY IMMERSIVE TRAINING exclusively designed for Master Practitioners. It’s time to transcend the boundaries of the known universe. Elevate your practice, redefine your reality, and become a true cosmic force. 

Value $750.00

"Other than Tamra's Mastering the Master's class, this is the most amazing course I have ever taken in any modality! The work is powerful, effective and easy to learn all at the same time. The results are awesome. The only recommendation I have for improving the course is to have a little mini-manual so we remember the exact processes and are able to replicate. Thanks for blowing my mind again, Tamra Oviatt!"
Cindie A.
SA Practitioner

Get replays of Earth Mastery for only $375.00 when you purchase this training!


You can pay it one time and get 10% discount or you can pay in installment for 12 months, but with 20% price difference.

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$5,985/ one-time

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Monthly Payment for 6 Mos.
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Akashic Records

Awaken your intuition when you enroll in our Akashic Records Training today!

We have no schedules yet for the next live training for Akashic Records. You can buy the recent recorded training.


You can pay it one time  and get 10% Discount. Or you can pay in 12 monthly payment, but with 20% price difference.

Value $3,750.00

One Time Payment
(10% Discount)

$3,375/ one-time

12-Months Payment
(Plus 10%)

$344/ monthly

SA Practitioners Directory

This is a directory list of Certified Sacred Activations Practitioners and Certified Akashic Records Practitioners offering private sessions and webinars to facilitate clients’ healing through different Sacred Activations tools and techniques.

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