the great awakening


Alchemy of

3rd, 4th, 5th

& 6th dimension

A visit to Higher Realms expands your awareness in ways you can’t imagine. In the Higher Realms, the Source Energy is flowing through you, bathing you with the purest divine love. Here you can connect and communicate with your guides, angels, and spirit animals who are more than willing to offer support and advice on how you can fulfill your soul’s true purpose

What to expect this week

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This session helps you to:

Raise your vibration that allows you to connect and communicate with beings of Higher Consciousness, including your guides and angels, even your Higher Self.

Access the higher realm of consciousness and move through different dimensions and universes.

Connect to the Akashic Records, including the Galactic Akashic Records, and receive information and wisdom from Higher Beings.


You will go on an exciting little journey through guided meditation.


This activation allows you to release all the third dimensional belief systems in the control from the third dimension. This activation plugs you into the Christ Consciousness of the 5th Dimension. This activation also disconnects you from the fear, suffering, and control of the third dimension and connects you to the unconditional love of the 5th. It will allow you to release illusory belief systems and to perceive the truth through the love of the Christ Consciousness. It will help you stand in your power and speak your truth.

This activation frees you of any fears associated with operating in the fourth dimension, and clears emotions and belief systems which may hold back your progress. It collapses the veil between our world and the fourth dimension, allowing you to see, hear, feel and talk to ancestors.

This activation frees you of any fears of operating in the fifth dimension, as the world moves into this energy. There is a lot of power in the fifth dimension for manifesting and changing. There are many illusions given to us in the third dimension. This activation frees you of these illusions and enables you to build and create the life you really wish to live.

This activation allows you to go in and have access to the Akashic Records. It also allows you to connect to the Laws of the Universe. You can choose which law you want to connect to.

The Rainbow Road is fun. It anchors the vibration of heaven into earth and vice versa.

It sometimes feels like there’s a chasm between where *we* are and the people we are most effectively able to support with our gifts. It may be physical, emotional, mental or energetic. This activation works with all those layers to disentangle those strings of energy energies and with them form a strong rope bridge across the gap. The image I get is literally a huge chasm on a mountain with a river running far, far, below, and of a bridge forming across it. Where you can walk out to invite them to meet you, and they can easily walk out and shake your hand.

This activation brings you into alignment with our Galactic Family (GF). It aligns you in such a way that you’re able to co-create with the Galactic Federation and be an active participant in Gaia’s changes during this historical time

This activation allows you to move through solar systems and universes very quickly and easily. There is much power and freedom that comes with this activation. You will be taken to through a portal and then to the 7th – 12th dimensions. Must do the first 24 activations prior to doing this one.

Every session is equally powerful and works on different aspects of you. You don’t want to miss out the clearing, magic, and shift you’ll experience for each week!

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$ 44 WEEK 2
  • Guided Meditation
  • Get MP3 and video replay in your dashboard


  • Tamra runs 20 activations during the live class each week
  • Value: $26 each activation x 20 = $520 each week or $520 x 12 weeks = $6240
  • Save: $5756
  • Guided Meditation each week
  • Get MP3 and video replay in your dashboard
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