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Sacred reunion within yourself. Let’s stop the division. A lot of people say they need their twin flame to be whole; you ARE whole. When you are whole, you come together with someone else that is whole. Lets clear all the disbelief and dis-creation and false teachings about twin flames and become your own inner twin flame. We are going to clear and then we are going to build the oneness energy within you. Embrace all aspects within you.


This is repairing the soul and returning parts back to you and it includes Inner Child. This is multidimensional, clearing your whole soul. Think about a piece of your soul that might be missing or if you’ve damaged your soul and let’s repair it.


They say that Hate vs Love is almost the same thing, and I think people go into hate and love because of that passion and draw on the energy that they get out of it. Everybody is a reflection of you and whatever that is within you. So if you’re going into hate, it’s things that you hate about yourself. Look at the duality of Hate v’s Love, let’s move through the hate and just be able to be in love and acceptance for everybody including yourself.


How many people do you know that learn from trauma and drama? How many people’s lives are full of trauma and drama? Is it Your life that is? What is that experience for you? How does that effect you? We don’t have to learn through trauma and drama , it’s a big belief system that the more you suffer the closer you are to God. Why would you possibly want to learn through trauma, drama, pain and suffering – That’s horrible, so let let that go and be in Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness.


If you have dark desires yourself or you judge, or see or plug into the dark desires of the world and suffer because of the dark desires others; we want to clear the energies of these dark desires, and collapse this energy in the world and within yourself of course because everything is within you. It’s important for us to let go of that energy because, however we feel about it, we’re feeding that energy and we don’t want to feed it. Let’s go of the energies of dark desires within us and within the world.


A lot of people are addicted to pain, or they go into pain and find pleasure out of it. Really we just need to cancel the duality, being able to be in “open-ness”, and being able to accept pleasure within our lives. So many of us are so used to feeling pain to make us feel alive, we go into that energy all the time. This is not just about physical pain, it’s also about emotional pain. Emotional pain is felt really deeply. I want to clear that out for you so that you can be in the energy of pleasure all the time. Feel the pleasure of being in joy and Happiness.


Whatever aspects of you where you do not feel like a big deal, we want to let those go and in all the areas where you do not feel confident or have self self judgment. We are also going to build the energy and be really silly, to bring in the energy of being a big deal and having confidence. We are going to clear some space on you harddrives so that there is space for these new vibrations.


People say that your birth certificate is sold at Birth and that you are owned by your country or sold by your country which means you don’t own yourself. Which means you are a slave, would you like to let that go? And reclaim your birthright? And be You, without being owned from anything, and knowing that there is no power outside of you and having complete conscious control over your life.


This is all about releasing belief systems and control systems about Heaven and Hell, and that duality. Thoth brought me into Hell to show me that Heaven is the same dimension as Heaven. Our collective consciousness belief system is creating everything that is playing out in front of us. So lets let go of this duality and lets collapse all of our subconscious belief systems around this and get into our power of conscious creation


How many times have you heard that word? Or felt that energy? Have you ever felt like you needed to be crucified? Think about crucifixion and what it means to you and we’re going to clear out that energy, it is unnecessary.


This is about feeling like you have to sell your soul to be famous or to help or to be known, or to be successful. Maybe you feel like you have sold your soul, so whatever duality you are playing out around this lets let go of that subconscious programming, cancel all contracts and retrieve all soul pieces, filling your soul with happiness and Joy. This video also includes Inner Child Activation.


How many times have you self sacrificed your life? Or your time? Your money or energy? How ever you are self sacrificing yourself, what are you doing and how are doing it? Lets go inside and let go of this subconscious programming and the duality of that energy.


This activation is going to clean out your cells from trauma, memories and stuff that is being held on to, re-create itself in perfect health and return your cells to perfect harmony. Total Body Connection is also added into this activation.




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