Ultimate Subconscious Metaprogramming with Sacred Activations

Facilitated by Tamra Oviatt




A webinar that offers fast, easy, and potent subconscious metaprogramming that clears your abundance blocks and rewires your money beliefs by receiving the sacred energies. 


Anyone who is overworked and still feels underpaid;


Anyone who always feel poor and broke no matter how much money he has; or


Anyone who is struggling with and stressed about money for many different reasons.


Anyone who considers himself a “wage slave” or someone who is trapped in a job he hates solely because of the money he earns;


Anyone who has limiting money beliefs, such as the belief that “money is the root of evil”, “wanting more money is greedy”, or “there isn’t enough money in the world for everyone.”

This session will address your low-frequency money dramas, so you will develop new neural pathways for a new money mindset and will raise your money vibration to attract more money-making opportunities.



If I am Successful my Spouse will Leave Me and Take Half of Everything

A lot of people have fear that if they’re successful they will be ripped off and everything will be taken from them


Money and Time

Do you wear yourself out from overworking and ruin your health for money? How long is your work week? Fifty hours? Sixty hours? 

This Activation releases you from the belief program that you need to work harder for long hours to achieve your financial goals. Receiving this energy allows you to attract money-making opportunities without pushing yourself too hard.


Excuses Be Gone

Are you living a life of endless excuses? What are your excuses that are keeping you from financial success? Procrastination? The excuse that you lack time, talent, education, or resources? 

This Activation clears your habit of making excuses that are holding you back from reaching your financial or life goals, including those excuses that you make every time you’re facing a challenge and obstacle. 

This allows you to take responsibility for your life and be open to the opportunities available to you that help you grow.


Disconnect from Slave Mentality

Are you willing to become subservient to the government and big corporations in exchange for basic comfort and “slave wages? Do you always feel the need to depend and rely on others whom you believe are more powerful than you, want them to lead you, and let them take responsibility for your own life? 

To be a slave doesn’t necesserarily mean you have a weight chained to  your ankle. Mental slavery is when most of your waking time everyday is owned by corporations, obeying orders and doing something you hate doing, for a wage that allows you to just sustain your basic needs. 

This Activation clears any programs that you have around slavery, including your genetic, past life trauma, oath, and vow of being a slave/servant. This also disconnects you from the collective slave mentality that blocks your freedom and power to live the abundant life that you deserve.


Caste System Money

This Activation releases you from any subconscious programs about judging yourself and others based on money. It works on your tendency to see people positively or negatively relative to their material possessions, as well as on your tendency to feel better or worse about yourself based on what you have and have not.

Receiving this energy helps you to:

  • Stop categorizing people based on the amount of money they make and interact with everyone with a spirit of equality and respect.
  • Let go of any programs and judgments about money, including the beliefs that money is the root of evil, money is challenging to get, or wanting more money is greedy.
  • Shift into abundance consciousness that allows you to feel grateful, worthy, and comfortable, no matter what your financial circumstances are.


Millionaire Collective Consciousness

This Activation plugs you into the vibration of the collective consciousness of being a millionaire. It instills you with the money mindset and belief shared by the most affluent and prosperous members in our society.

The Law of Abundance states that there is an unlimited source of wealth available at all times for all of us.

These sacred energies allow you to tap into the Source of Abundance by:

"After doing the Activate my Winning Gene Sacred Activation on the 23rd of December 2021"

I won lotto Christmas night. Not first division but enough for a holiday and to make me feel that anything is possible.

Then, Saturday we got our plumbing issue fixed. This sounds not exciting but the issue has been continuous for 18 months and not ideal when tank water is our only source of water.

Still that’s not the exciting bit. We had delays and no shows. So I tweaked my daily manifesting and added I attract only our most ideal tradesman.

My ideal tradesman turned out to be a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. A retired trader with a boat load of materials. My husband was his laborer for the day. We offered him money he refused. I’m in Australia and it can cost thousands for a plumber to come. So I hid it in his toolbox. He gave it back less petrol money.

We can manifest anything we want.

Amanda Erskine

BA. B.Teach (Hons), Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv. Dip Nutrition, Adv. Dip Western Herbal Medicine


To reprogram your brain for financial growth and success

VALUE: $156



Activations will be sold individually for $26 each after the event


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