The Ultimate Energy-Based Subconscious Metaprogramming Modality


Become a Certified Sacred Activations

Medical Intuitive

& Master Medical Intuitive

Upleveling your intuitive healing skills and psychic gifts by receiving 80 Upgraded Sacred Golden Seals.

Receiving universal codes and frequencies from 6th Dimension and beyond

Offered by Sacred Activations Founder Tamra Oviatt

Powered by the Source God Energy
Supported by the Spirit Guides and the Masters

6-Day Medical Intuitive Advanced Practitioner’s Course


REPLAY APRIL 29-30 & May 6-7
June 10-11

Hi, welcome to becoming a Sacred Activations Medical Intuitive Practitioner!

To all Practitioners, I warmly invite you to expand further with me in your mastery to heal yourself and others by receiving highly-advanced 80 Upgraded Sacred Golden Seals. 

Sacred Activations Medical Intuitive takes your healer’s journey to a whole new level as you fine-tune your existing skills in intuitive healing and energy work, expand your psychic gifts and intuitive perceptions, and access your highest intuitive potential. 

By becoming a Medical Intuitive and Master Medical Intuitive, you’ll be able to work and communicate with the individual cell, organ, and system of the body, perform psychic surgery and energetic acupuncture, perform in-depth DNA and Chakra clearing, balancing, and upgrade, use the Arcturian Blue Laser Light Technology, and learn more healing tools and processes from higher dimensions to help you identify, assess, and heal imbalances, illnesses, and medical issues in energy and physical body systems. 

I’m excited to see you share your healing magic to the world with greater confidence and create fast remarkable results, miracles, and lasting impact  in your healing sessions with yourself and your clients. 


Activating your mastery to create healing and expansion in mind, body, spirit, and energy

Creating Health and Wellness At All Levels

In-depth Multi-dimensional Healing

Mastery of Intuition and Psychic Gifts

Deepen Intuitive Connection and Experience

Achieve Fast Remarkable Results

Access to the Highest Healing and Intuitive Potential

More Breakthroughs Magic, and Miracles



Tamra Oviatt offers this highly-advanced practitioner’s course for all Level 1 Practitioners to uplevel their healing gifts, psychic abilities, and intuitive experience on facilitating deep multidimensional healing on physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies using Sacred Activations and higher-dimensional healing tools and processes. 

This course is offered LIVE in an online setup, which allows you to take it in the comfort of your own home and at the same time, connect and make friends with people from all over the world. 

This is a very powerful not-to-be-missed 6-day online training that includes Tamra’s channeled teachings, healing tools and processes from 6th Dimension and beyond, giving and receiving Activations, hands-on healings, in-depth intuitive scanning and health assessments, and multiple practice healing facilitations. 

To make learning simple, you will receive 80 Upgraded Sacred Golden Seals at the beginning of the session that will give you the energy codes, higher knowledge, advanced abilities, and intuitive guidance to address the emotional and spiritual components of physical illnesses, imbalances, and other medical issues. 

This training course is super-expansive as you’re going to receive universal codes and energy frequencies from higher dimensions that will bring phenomenal shifts in you and your clients in your wellness journey.  

This training certifies you to perform advanced intuitive healing with Sacred Activations in your work as an intuitive healer and help your clients discover deeper root causes of their physical ailments and concerns.  

Due to the high level of energy that will be channeled in this training, it is prerequisite that you have completed the Sacred Activations Practitioner’s Course Level 1.  It is also highly recommended (but not required) that you have completed Sacred Activations Master Practitioner Training. 

NOTE: This new training course is a combined Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training and Master Medical Intuitive Practitioner Training.


Receive advanced energy codes and frequency transmissions

At the beginning of the session, Tamra will give you more than 80 Upgraded Sacred Golden Seals. When these Seals are installed within you, you’ll be able to:

  • Channel and use advanced and high-level frequency Activations — you’ll gain the gift to support individual and collective healing, to change and upgrade subconscious programming, and to evoke deep global shifts in consciousness. 
  • Access to universal information, deeper knowledge, and higher understanding needed for you to use the Activations effectively and to create powerful results when you facilitate healing on other people.

Connect more deeply to the source of Sacred Activations; that is, the God Energy/Universe/Pure Consciousness/Oneness/The All – as a practitioner, you will be working with this intelligent living energy and this energy will guide you on what to do during a healing session. 

Become a Subconscious Mind Master Programmer by working with the Divine Source Energy and using the power of Sacred Activations.

  • Acquire the knowledge and abilities to rewire the brain and reprogram the subconscious mind in the simplest, fastest, and most heartfelt way;
  • Change hundreds of beliefs, mental narratives, and emotional reactions by just running one Activation;
  • Go deeper in healing by attending to underlying issues and core wounds from childhood and past conditioning;
  • Address genetics and intergenerational traumas to end cycles of painful relationships;
  • Upgrade subconscious programs in different Timelines (Past, Present, and Future Selves) to easily align reality with the Highest Timeline; and
  • Disconnect from the Collective Consciousness running disempowering programs such as collective fears, collective anxiety, or group-based anger.

supported by Tamra’s spirit guides and her higher-dimensional teachers.

  • Receive higher-dimensional healing tools and processes, channeled information, and new higher understanding that will expand you at all levels, which is way beyond you’ve ever experienced before;

Some of the healing tools you’ll learn in this training:

Talking with the individual cell, organ, and system of the body
○ Psychic or energetic Surgery
○ Energetic Acupuncture
○ Energetic IV
○ In-depth Chakra Clearing and
○ In-depth DNA Clearing and Upgrade
○ Water and Crystal Activation
○ Arcturian Blue Laser Light
○ Going to the Home Planet

  • Find power in the knowing that you are more capable than you think you are – that you have the inherent gift to heal yourself and the world and that you can make miracles happen; and
  • Expect a massive shift in your vibrational energy a few days after the training, along with a shift in your inner and outer self.

Firsthand experience running Activations energies on a group session with other attendees

  • Tamra gives you ample opportunity to practice giving and running Activations through Zoom Breakout Rooms.
  • Power up your confidence and build unquestioning faith and trust in yourself, in your capabilities, and in Source Energy to bring more authenticity, compassion, and power in your work with Sacred Activations. 

Throughout the training, Tamra will be holding space for all attendees, so it’ll be easier for everyone to connect with the Sacred Energies. 

Interact and connect with Tamra and your fellow attendees to have a richer, stronger, and more positive course experience

  • Strengthen your understanding about Sacred Activations and Subconscious Metaprogramming through questions and clarifications.
  • Deepen your realizations and internalize the learned concepts through discussions and sharing experiences.

Tamra welcomes you to the warm and loving community of Sacred Activations practitioners from around the world coming together to co-create, empower, inspire, support, and celebrate one another in their journey.

  • Connect and form friendships with people across the world.
  • Continue practicing Activations with other practitioners to master your abilities and intuition.
  • Offer and receive healing, support, and empowerment from the community. 
  • Share your growth experience, manifestations, and breakthroughs.
  • Exchange thoughts and learn from each other.
  • Celebrate your everyday joy with the community.

Added directly to your dashboard.

Watching these previous training courses is powerful on its own. There’s a priceless value in watching and re-watching Sacred Activations training as the energies are forever embedded into each recording. 

  • Receiving the codes and energies from the same training at a different time will never bring the same experience as you continue to shift and expand – It’ll touch the areas that you were not ready to shift the first time you watched it. With Tamra, every practitioner’s training is different from the last. 
  • The previous Medical Intuitive  Practitioner Training will get you ready for the 6-Day intensive LIVE Training – the energies will become easier and faster for you to integrate.

To spark whole new levels of understanding and consciousness shifts

  • To further support you as your consciousness continues to rise and ascend into more and more higher vibrational frequencies aligned more closely with the Source.
  • To bring new understanding and breakthroughs as you continue to heal your heart space and align yourself with your passion and purpose.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify, assess, and clear energy blockages, imbalances, disturbances, and underlying root causes of physical and emotional issues;
  • Perform in-depth intuitive scanning in different areas of the body and clear their hard drives and blueprints, as well as perform energy acupuncture based on Dr. Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture;
  • Connect and communicate with the individual cell, organ, and system of the body;
  • Energetically hold a body organ in your hand and clear it from any belief systems, attachments, traumas, pains, and imbalances using Sacred Activations;
  • Repair and Restructure DNA;
  • Use the Laser Blue Light from Arcturians– use it to clear auric fields, to work on ley lines on the planet, to shift the collective consciousness, and many ways;
  • Activate your Pillar of Light or your clients’ Pillar of Light – pulling out and clearing hooks, cords, arrows, swords, energetic imprints, or any attachments that are not supposed to be in the Pillar of Light. 
  • Perform Energetic IV – receiving vitamins, minerals, nutrients, collagen, stem cells, or whatever the body needs;
  • Activate the healing potential of water and crystals;
  • Take your clients to their home planets to receive download, codes, hearings, or gifts;

Take a glimpse of the previous practitioner’s training


Click to find how each Activation can benefit you and your clients

The Shaman teaching is one where the Shaman takes on, and later releases, the issues of others. This activation frees you from taking on the issues of others and allows you to work with them without taking on the responsibility or the effects of their concerns.

This activation releases you from the old limitations of those thousand commitments and contracts and blessings. I find that many healers do not feel that they can go beyond their teachers or that they’re committed to one modality. This activation releases you from all of that, allowing you to be a powerful healer, knowing that God is in charge…allowing you to go out and create be healer that you are.

Many Healers believe that they have to heal from something traumatic in order to prove that they are good healers. And they also believe that must bring on their clients’ illness and in order to then transform them. This activation clears the blocks, fears and sabotage that prevents healer from doing their work. It also clears the need to create situations that distract you from your healing work and purpose.

Do you hold the belief that you have to suffer in order to be close to God or close to your own divinity? There are a lot of unconscious beliefs we have been conditioned to adopt without question about how suffering in silence and martyring oneself is a “righteous” and “good” way to live. However, this is a misunderstanding that actually creates energetic dis-ease in the collective. Although we all suffer on some level during certain phases of growth in our existence, we can choose to learn either through suffering and hardship or through joy and love. This Activation will help you clear out any beliefs that youhave to suffer to be close to God, and will allow you to start shifting your experiences and vibration to be more in alignment with Source.

How many people do you know that are stuck in believes of cancer and other diseases. What percent of women will get breast cancer? What percent of men will get prostate cancer? How many people say this or that disease runs in my Family? Would you like o disconnect from all of that? We only get what we believe, so change it, discount from the group and genetic consciousnesses, and clear out your core believes of these. Disconnect from the collective and genetic consciousness clearing out core beliefs in illness and your association with being ill.

This activation clears the genetic patterns that don’t serve you. The “heart attack” “cancer” and other genes that attract certain diseases are cleared and replaced with better genes. It will also clear the fear that attracts these energies and conditions. This activation also clears the collective consciousness around these diseases.

Healthy Boundaries – knowing where your boundaries are and setting them with intention verses aggression.

Activations will run as fast or slow as you need them to.

These Activations raise your vibration to align you in the 4th-9th dimensional consciousness. Receiving these frequencies help you:

  • Awaken to your true nature;
  • Deepen your understanding of the spiritual and energetic nature of all things;
  • Experience Oneness with the Source and with every creation; and

This activation is going to teach you how to become that pillar of light that you truly are; how to shoot it up, and how to see it. And when you get really good at this as you practice this, you’ll be able to see the arrows and everything else being shot at you and be able to clear them to bring you into your power.

Amazing Activation for people who feel scattered and unfocused. This Activation pulls in all those fragmented pieces of yourself and basically organizes everything and gives you such clarity that you feel Laser Focused.

The Book of the Dead activation is about our fear of dying and transitioning when death comes. This activation gives you guidance when you transition, so you have faith that you’re safe and you’re transitioning properly.

Some people have come to the part where they experience a near-death experience (NDE) before they get the power and the will to live fully. This Activation brings in the desire to live a full, passionate, and deeply meaningful life without the experience of nearly dying. You don’t need to have a near-death experience before living life to the fullest without regrets.

You will also receive new codes:

Universal Laws of Awakening
Universal Codes of Healing
Universal Telepathy
Universal Codes of Oneness
Universal Law of Abundance
Freedom from Planetary Diseases

How fast Sacred Activations will shift you

Here are some testimonies

"I took your practitioner training in February. My life is forever changed."
Juline Douglas
TAMRA!!! ALL 57 LYMPH NODES TAKEN DURING MY SURGERY WERE CLEAR!! I AM CLEAR! No cancer my dearest one ❤️ Thank you for everything. Thank you for your activations. Thank you thank you thank you. I am free ❤️
It's been about a month since I took the course, and I feel a big transformation in myself. Even in the chaos of this new coronavirus, without getting caught up in the drama of fear and anxiety, our awareness is directed towards the new world that will come after the end of the corona virus. It's as if we've moved from the 3D grid to the 5D grid without knowing it, and it feels like the world we see is completely different. After doing this activation on yourself, you will feel very sleepy and sleep soundly for a long time. I think it's probably a lot of energy. Every time I wake up from sleep, I am empowered and reborn. When I gave online sessions to several clients, I found that those who had sessions at night were able to sleep soundly, and the next morning, I could feel the difference in the gloss of my skin. I thought it was interesting that he felt the change immediately, such as spending time with him and deepening his love for the earth, the universe, and the creator. I feel that this is a very good thing. Thank you very much, Dr. Hanson and Dr. Tamara. (A.H, female)
Most powerful activation Sacred activations are like water. He has a kind and gentle side and a powerful side that can destroy a city like a flood. Water is fine, but you can reach it. And I do what I have to do. When water passes through, various things of life come out. That's the closest analogy for Sacred Activation to me. I was reminded again that this is the most powerful activation. I have studied many methods so far, but I think it is the most powerful of all. (MADAM)
I feel my energy is getting refined. I took my first Sacred Activation class in 2015. Since then I have continued to work and purchased activations. I was ready to step out of the Matrix and reclaim my powers and finally made it to this class. I feel that my energy is being refined more and more. I wouldn't say I'm completely cleared, but I feel ready to take back my power. Ready to hit the plate and be there. I once went through various clearings with my guru for 18 years and then had to rebuild myself from scratch. It's been 5 years since I first encountered Sacred Activation and I can really feel the difference. Good activations are tremendous energies of honest self-reflection. It transforms and fulfills your life purpose and shifts your life. Tamara is the most sincere person I know. You give people your time and energy generously. If you want to change and move your life, Sacred Activation. Tamara, thank you very much. (Mary)
The most life-changing method I know Sacred Activation is the most life changing technique I know of and I am honored to be able to use it. I have studied over 10 different methods and after working with Tamara a few times my life changed so much that I knew I needed to become a practitioner. I've been doing this for years now, and I've been able to step out of the matrix and change the lives of everyone around me. And most importantly, I can play and shift and reclaim my power and stay happy all the time. I have seen people change around me. Good relationships, good life, good money, all aspects of life are blessed by this method. I encourage you to take the training so that you can change the lives of others. (CINDIE)
Good morning, Tamra! 💗💗 I’m a Japanese SA Teacher from Hiroshima, a medical doctor, and had a private session with you in July 2022. I’m taking your Great Awakening tonight. I’d love to thank you for what’s happening in my life. In the private session, you worked on about my carrier as a healer. Well, I’ve started to talk to people at work about SA, and found that 2 colleges are empaths and run activations for them. And I’m finding myself that it’s not scary to show up as who I am. My biggest change is that I’ve met a doctor who are just like me and now we are in a serious relationship. We both feel like we are twin rays. We have so many things in common in our lives and very happy together🥰 We both are having big shifts as I run SA for both of us. I will have my own clinic someday with his help. Thank you very very much Tamra!❤️🌈
It's really straightforward and simple. It's simple, powerful, and easy, so I think everyone should try it. The first thing that struck me was that Mr. Hanson guided me to Central Sun, where I received coins from Metatron. And when I counted it, it was really 30. So I asked, "Can I have one more?" So really 30. Really easy to understand and simple, highly recommended. Since then, I've been able to do a lot of things with my clients, and thanks to that, I'm still getting a lot of requests, and I got one yesterday.
First day class content] It started with the story of Tamara's past life, and it gave me goosebumps how it was connected to the present. She removed past life energies and installed happy, positive energies in their place. In the story that reality has changed, the energy of truth is transmitted straight, so It will strengthen your conviction that "parallel worlds really exist and can be changed." A golden seal was also given for Tamara to pass the following activations and for students to pass them as well.
Everything has changed. how to get energy. how to receive. how to hold a point of view. your own direction. how to accept. The mindset, way of being, direction, and importance of sessions have changed. how to heal. Human relationships have also changed. What happened at the same time changed. I am very happy and excited to see that everything is simply moving towards the best direction for me. It's amazing how much has changed in such a short time. This was my first time taking a class, and I found him to be a very powerful teacher and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the wonderful course. (Ms. E)

"Thank You for This Easy to Apply and Powerful Technique"

I recently started using sacred activations on a regular basis. I'm a person who has a very intrusive mind, who does not listen to her intuition and who has very little feeling. I'm often in control and in expectation. When I started listening to the sacred activations, I felt like nothing was happening and when I got to some activations, tears flowed profusely while listening. I realized then that I felt and released myself. I also feel that an energy of hope is more present. There are so many activations that I want to experience!! Thank you for this easy to apply and powerful technique.

Sacred Activations Moves a Person Through Life Change Carefully and in a Beautiful Manner

Thank you, Tamra, for all of your ongoing support. I will say that the activations have moved me through so many challenging times last and this year. So much has changed in my life, my life has actually become a Tabula Rasa, a blank slate, and actually created a reset in my life on so many levels. I am about to move into a new level of service, which I would not have been able to achieve without first clearing old energies — opening me up for the new, expansive ones. I know there is more work to do, but Sacred Activations moves a person through life change carefully and in a beautiful manner. Of course, Tamra's high level of intuitive skills guide her to just the right Activation, in the right moment, for each and every person. This is customized healing with God-Source, and Tamra is the best Facilitator Ever.

What you’ll receive when you join this training:

Lifetime access to the video replays, which will be added directly to your dashboard, so you can receive the Activations again

A training certificate of completion that verifies your competency to facilitate medical intuitive energy healing with Sacred Activations.

A Medical Intuitive training manual that includes the teachings, channeled information, and process: this serves as your guide when you practice doing the Activations.

Practitioner’s Directory: You can add your profile in Sacred Activations Practitioner’s Directory, so people can contact you for a private session

Access to Practitioners Facebook Page where you can practice with other practitioners, find support, receive healing, or share your experiences and manifestations.

Warm and friendly customer support whenever you need help.


Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY. Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are being embedded for each recording. The results you’ll get from attending the live training are the same results when you watch it through the recordings. 

If you have an open mind, an interest for self-expansion and personal growth, and a desire to heal (or to help others heal), this practitioner course is for you. You don’t have to be intuitive to join this course, because receiving the Sacred Geometry Activations during the 2-day training will already help you develop your intuitive abilities. Plus, you’re encouraged to practice with your fellow practitioners until you’re confident with your capabilities to work with Sacred Activations. 

Every practitioner’s course offered by Tamra is different from the previous ones. No same training courses will give you the same experience, because they’ll always bring you different levels of shifts and expansions. 

Also, this new training course is a combined Medical Intuitive Practitioner’s Training and Master Medical Intuitive Training.

In this upgraded training, you’ll receive new codes, information, and frequencies. As this is a channeled live training, we can’t completely tell you 100% of what will happen until it is over. What we can tell you, however,  is that this is MUCH MORE THAN what it promises.

To re-do the class, you’ll have to pay half of the price. This new class is upgraded with new information, codes, tools, and processes. You’ll also receive more Golden Seals than the first Medical Intuitive classes.

YES. After taking this course, your life will never be the same again. This is about receiving and activating the universal codes and high energy frequencies within your awareness, which allow you to access deeper understanding, untapped potential, and higher level of consciousness, and this in turn will bring magnificent results and shifts in your life.

What the attendees have said about this practitioner training:

Sacred Activations Practitioner’s Course

Co-creating magic, wonders, and miracles for yourself and humanity by reprogramming the subconscious mind and changing negative core beliefs


Have you completed the Medical Intuitive training and are interested in enrolling in the Master Medical Intuitive program?

MEDICAL INTUITIVE & Master Medical Intuitive​​


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