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How to add your Practitioner’s Profile to the Practitioner’s Directory

Step 1:

Go to the Practitioner's Directory

Go to the “Practitioner’s Directory” using this link:

Step 2:

Submit your Listing

From the Practitioner’s Directory, click on the “Submit Your Listing” section.

Step 3:

Fill in the Practitioner’s Details

A form will appear. Provide all the required information about yourself. This includes your:

  • Profile Photo
  • Full Name
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Contact Information
  • Your Bio
  • Sacred Activations Training Courses Certifications
  • Your Calendar Events, if any


Step 4:

Submit your Profile

Once you have filled in all the details and reviewed them, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. 

After submitting, you should see a confirmation message indicating that the profile has been successfully added to the directory.


Simply click on the Practitioner section from the main page

You should be able to search your name here.

We're so glad you're part of the Sacred Activations community!

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