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Alchemy of the 5th Dimension: Shift to 5D Consciousness

This Activation connects you to your heart space and into the Fifth Dimension of unconditional love, limitless abundance, pure creation, and Christ consciousness. This is a very high-vibrational energy that shifts you in all levels and lines you up to the 5D Consciousness where you can manifest with your thoughts and emotions.

Things Get Worse Before They Get Better: Disconnect from this belief​

Do you believe that personal growth starts with things getting worse before they get better? This belief is a huge fear-based program. We are programmed to believe that we must suffer first before we can heal, that things must fall apart before they ease up, that we must go through hell before finding the light. This is a deep-seated ingrained program. 

This Deactivation clears out this huge collective belief that circumstances and situations may worsen first before they start to get better. We don’t need to go through a lot of stuff before we can live happier, calmer, and lighter. We don’t need to go through painful experiences before we can learn our lessons.

Glass Ceiling: Shattering your subconscious barriers

How do you impose limits on yourself? This Activation enables you to recognize instances where you are setting subconscious barriers on yourself that keep you from moving forward to the next level and beyond. 

When you receive this Activation, it allows you to:

  • Perceive your self-imposed limitations, such as self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-defeating assumptions, fear of failure, disabling beliefs, or false conditioning, so you’re able to break and overcome these personal barriers;
  • Acknowledge and face your fears, so you are able to move past them; and
  • Cultivate a growth mindset, allowing yourself to achieve more, to have more, and to live a full life.

Disconnect from War Consciousness: Nurture a sense of calm and peace within

This Activation disconnects you from the collective war consciousness, as well as releases you from the collective trauma and suffering caused by the wars happening in the world right now, so you’ll stop contributing to this energy and start sending out energy of healing, hope, and love.

Universal Life Grid: Protective energy shield

This Activation creates a protective shield of light around your energetic body. Universal Life Grid Activation protects you from:

  • Dark energies or entities that may attach in your energetic field
  • People who zap your emotional energy (emotional or energy vampires)
  • Radiation, soundwaves, chemical vapors, and other pollutants in the atmosphere

Caste System Family: Release judgments and unhealthy comparison

This Activation releases you from comparing and judging yourself, your family, and others in relation to abilities, choices, lifestyles, and all other aspects of life. This allows you to be in line and equal with others no matter what nationality you are born with, what socio-economic status you currently belong to, or what lifestyle you choose to live.

When you receive this Activation, it helps you to:

  • Remove unhealthy comparisons that put you in a state of inferiority or superiority.
  • Stop judging yourself as worse or better compared to your family members or your peers.
  • Feel good about yourself by focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, building a grateful mindset, or accepting yourself as you are.

I am a Big Deal: Remind yourself you’re amazing

This Activation releases your feeling of not being a big deal. This brings in the energy of knowing your value and importance, because you matter and you are NEVER a waste of space.

Receiving this energy empowers you to:

  • Understand your true value and importance with an inner knowing that your dreams, hopes, and aspirations are as valuable as everybody else’s.
  • See more positive things about you.
  • Be confident in your unique individuality.

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