Empowered Healers Introduction - September 18

Activations run in this session:

  • Heaven and Hell: Releasing the “hell” energy and bringing in the “heaven” energy
  • Healer’s Power: Are you fully owning your power as a healer?
  • Spiritual Ego: Freeing yourself from ego traps
  • Not your Guru: You don’t need gurus to save you
  • Healthy Boundaries: Learning to say NO
  • Bleeding Heart: Stop taking on other’s feelings

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Introduction to Free Empowered Healers Part 2

This program is made to help you shift your life. This is made to help you become a better version of you, so you can be in your power and are able to show up. This is also to help you make money doing exactly what you are meant to do and be able to witness miracles with your clients. The Activations/Deactivation you will receive will assist you in shifting your life to higher and higher levels. 

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