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Sizleri açığa çıkmak , görünür olmak parlamak ve yaptığınız işte başarılı olmak adına güçlendirmek ..


İŞ SAHİPLERİ, ŞİFACILAR , YAŞAM KOÇLARI , SANATÇILAR , dünyayla hediyelerini paylaşmayı arzu eden , sevdiği işi yaparak yaşamlarının içsel yönelimlerini gerçekleştirmeyi arayanlar.

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Now, are you ready to quit selling yourself short, start playing big, and grant yourself the value you deserve?

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Sizleri bu ücretsiz telecalla davet ediyor olmaktan çom heyecanlıyım. İLK SEANS ÜCRETSİZ  , Şifacının Güçlendirilmesi  .

Bu 7 Haftalık bir program ve sizi DAHA BÜYÜK olmak beyninizi yeniden şekillendirmek , bilinç altı bakış açılarınızı ve inanç sistemlerinizi dönüştürmek , ki böylece olduğunuz hediye olarak kendi gücünüzde, yaratılıcığınızda , muhteşem yaşamınızda ve sizin için ne yapmayı seçerseniz seçin mevcut olan bolluk ve bereket ile bir olmak açığa çıkabilsin diye.

Bu telecall serisi sizleri , dünyada yerini almak açığa çıkmak görünür olmak adına nelerin durdurduğuna , geri tuttuğuna bakacak.

Eğer siz görünür olmaya , duyulmaya , yapmak için doğduğunuz  iş ile fark edilmeye hazırsanız  , ben de sizlere yardımcı olmak adına buradayım.

This call aims to shift you and help you to:

💫Answer your soul’s calling while living your life in abundance, freedom, and fulfillment. 

💫Attract more clients and witness miracles with them; 

💫Flourish and prosper while being of service to others and to the world; and

💫Become empowered to show up CONFIDENTLY and AUTHENTICALLY.

Here’s What People are Saying About Tamra Oviatt & Sacred Activations:

Now Getting Paid for My Services!

My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations…. I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients. I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free. Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now!

Rapid Life Transformation

Tamra's method of sacred activations is one of the most powerful single modalities I have come across, particularly for the rapid transformation of one's life. She is a powerhouse of a healer with a tremendous heart, and I highly recommend this work.

Feeling More Balanced and at Ease in Challenging Situations

I am so thankful for these wonderful activations. They have become an important part of my life, and I feel much more balanced and at ease in a lot of challenging situations. I like listening to Tamra's voice very much, as she is full of love, humor, and compassion. So, thank you for your inspiring work and I am looking forward to many wonderful activations to come!

Amazing Total Transformation

I've had a HUGE revelation in the relationship between me n James n how I was limiting things… In turn he's changed completely as well. I'm also extremely productive it's as if all this stuff I've been wanting to get done I just started doing and completing. My skin looks amazing n my energy is thru the roof- I'm not sluggish anymore! I also feel something amazing heading my way money wise… I did the unstuck webinars tonight and I TOTALLY felt the shift… Moneys going to start flowing in… it's the craziest feeling of just knowing and waiting.

My Health Has Improved Remarkably

In December I had Open-Heart surgery. I was in hospital for 3 months and it has been a slow process getting back to a fairly good standard of health. My husband and I purchased the big package of about 29 Activations in April. We started doing them straight away at rather a frantic pace. There were some initial reactions but not any longer than a couple of days. We did them solidly from April until July. Had a break of 3 weeks and are back into them again. Just recently I had an appointment with the heart surgeon who informed me the cells had apparently been renewing. We give the Activations the credit for this—my health has improved remarkably since April. I also have diabetes type 2 and am doing the Lord Metatron, Moses Code, Fruit of Life and Organ Rejuvenation and feel there are good signs showing there also.

Letting the Expanded Part of Me Lead the Way

Since I received the Sacred Geometry downloads this is what has happened. I have been struggling for a year to get my new business launched. Lots of busy work that didn't pay much kept showing up and because it was there and in front of me, I kept jumping on that. Now my goal is to let go of what is not serving me and move into a place of expanded awareness and instead of, boy that would be nice if I could do that, I will be doing it. Instead of seeing all of the obstacles I can let that expanded part of me lead the way.

So, are you ready to go BIG, show the world what you can offer, and supercharge your audience growth?


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