FOR EVERYONE who is ready to play BIG and show the world what they can offer

A 7-week program designed to FREE you from the belief systems, fears, resistance, and old limiting paradigm that stop you from showing up with your power and reaching deep personal achievement that is unique to you

This is a replay product

TO COACHES, ARTISTS, ENTREPRENEURS, HEALERS, SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONERS, OR ANYONE seeking to refine their gifts, to fulfill their Higher Purpose, and to prosper in their service to humanity and the planet, this is your journey to answer your soul’s calling while still living your life in abundance, freedom, and accomplishment. 

If you saw yourself in the questions above, this program is made for you to quit playing small in life, to stand up and take your place, to let your authentic self shine, to own your unique contribution in the world, and to trust that the stream of abundance is always available to you no matter what you choose to do.


Now, are you ready to quit selling yourself short, start playing big, and grant yourself the value you deserve?


The Empowered Healers Program is a 6-week Masterclass replay series facilitated by Tamra Oviatt, founder of Sacred Activations. This is created for EVERYONE who is ready to shine, ready to share their gifts and talents to the world, and ready to succeed in their life’s calling. This is created with an aim to help you step forward and upward into your power to self-create and co-create the new paradigm of self-expression, money, and power, so you’ll be living your life with abundance, freedom, and accomplishment while doing what you are called and meant to do. 

Each week, you will receive Activations and De- activations (subconscious reprogramming) that will release you from the belief systems, mindsets, conditioning, fears, deadbeat energies, dramas, and self-imposed barriers that block your authenticity, prosperity, creative self-expression, and unique potential. As you progress, you will learn to trust your gifts and talents and to be more confident in your ability to prosper, flourish, and succeed in your personal calling, in your business, or in any endeavor you are called to do. 

By the end of the program, you will be more empowered and inspired to show up, put yourself out there, and own your unique magnificence. You will be more empowered to contribute meaning and difference to humanity and the planet with the gifts and talents that only YOU possess. You will be fully connected to your own truth and purpose, believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH AND UNLIMITED, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. 

Each week will empower and motivate you to play bigger in the game of life and win against all odds.


  • De- activating your anger, resentment, and fear of being here on the planet;
  • De- activating your fear of showing up, fear of being in the spotlight, fear of being not “good enough” and “unqualified” in your chosen field;
  • De- activating your fear mechanisms of being criticized, judged, rejected, or shunned by your families, peers, and other people for your creative and healing work;
  • De – activating your need to compete with and compare yourself to other people in your field;
  • De – activating imposter syndrome, perfectionism, overthinking, self-doubt, personal incompetence, or worries about measuring up to expectations and standards; and
  • Activating your Sacred Blueprint and Sacred Power.


  • Activating discernment, trust, and loyalty;
  • Activating your ability to create, build, and maintain healthy boundaries;
  • Activating belief systems of being valued, being able to stand out, being able to excel in the work you choose to do;
  • Activating defragmentation, clarity, and focus;
  • Activating self-management ability;
  • De- activating avoidance of truth and the ancient fear of seeing the truth;
  • De- activating the need to be responsible for people whom you’re doing business with;
  • De- activating suffering, lack, and struggles in your business endeavor;
  • De- activating self-sabotaging behaviors and victim mentality;
  • De- activating any religious belief systems that don’t resonate with your own truth, with your calling, or with your business; and
  • A guided meditation on allowing yourself to be seen, to be recognized, and to be applauded in your creations, in your life’s work, in your business.


  • Disconnecting from disease consciousness and opening your 13 Chakras to release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in your energy flow;
  • Activating up to 18 Strands of your DNA;
  • Activating your psychic abilities to be able to read and discern the people you’re working with;
  • Ultimate release of oaths, vows, contracts, and commitments that are hindering you in this new paradigm of inner freedom, inner peace, self-expression, and personal boundaries;
  • Releasing your spiritual ego so you don’t feel responsible for the results that your clients receive;
  • Activating Illumination so you will be able to remember your past lives and see your future lives;
  • Activating the Alchemy of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions;
  • Clearing out those beliefs, fears, or energies that keep you from going with the flow; and
  • A guided meditation to find your Higher Purpose, to find what you are here for, by connecting with your guides, angels, masters, or passed on loved ones.


  • Releasing you from being a doormat, from letting others disrespect you and dishonor your work, from letting others used you;
  • Releasing you from the judgment, hate, criticism, and rejection of other people;
  • Releasing you from the habit of playing small;
  • Bringing in your authentic self, your power, and your light; 
  • Activating I AM A BIG DEAL to elevate you to higher a understanding of how amazing and incredible you truly are; and
  • Becoming a Master Manifestor in this new paradigm by activating your Creative Gene Extraordinaire and connecting to your six- pointed star blueprint of creation.


  • Activating Yin and Yang to balance and align your male and female energies;
  • Activating the energy to self-nurture;
  • Releasing money dramas and the struggles of staying in abundance;
  • Releasing the old paradigm about money in the healing community and releasing the beliefs that spirituality and business should never go side by side;
  • De- activating obstacles to financial success and prosperity and releasing money and manifestation blocks;
  • Releasing the need and attachment to go down to where you’ve been, so you will just keep on moving forward and upward;
  • Releasing the need to fit in and be normal, so you just focus on shining your light, standing out in your uniqueness, and be authentically YOU;
  • Learning how to activate your Pillar of Light;
  • Clearing out your weakest link to protect your energy field from the people attacking you with hate, anger, or other lower energies; and
  • Bringing in your ego and your highest self into Oneness to always guide you towards your highest good.


  • Activating your inner guru and trusting it;
  • Activating zero attachments and releasing you from any obligations and responsibilities towards other people;
  • Releasing you from other people’s feelings and expectations;
  • De- activating your Karmic Loop;
  • Activating Defragmentation for focus and clarity;
  • Bringing in the energy of being enough, being respected, being honored, and being valued;
  • Activating your ability to rewrite your oaths, vows, contracts, and commitments;
  • Activating your ability to know yourself;
  • Activating the ability to let go of those that no longer serve you;
  • Doing Polar Opposite Activation; and
  • More activations that work on your belief systems about showing up, on your confidence in yourself and your gifts, on standing in your power and greatness, on your manifestation abilities.

Don’t you ever ever shrink and hide your light. You are extremely important no matter who you are, what you are, where you are. Your abilities are needed right here right now. So, don’t you ever write yourself off just because you THINK you’re going to fall short. Remember, YOU are your most important asset. So, show up for yourself and show up in the world every day as authentically as you can be. Listen to your one true purpose and be confident in your ability to prosper and thrive in whatever you desire to do. You are made to win. You are made to shine through. Now, are you ready to create an exceptional life using your gifts, talents, and genius to serve yourself and the world?



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Here’s What People are Saying About Tamra Oviatt & Sacred Activations:

I Truly Haven't Known Another Like Her

“Tamra Oviatt is a rare being. I call her a one-of-one because I truly haven’t known another like her. A unique Master capable of launching activations and teachings that cannot be denied nor checked off as another one of those, she is also a woman with a distinct knowing of all things Universe, deeply cares about peace on earth and carries within her a heart of gold right in the center of one heck of a wild, quirky unassuming personality. A rare, gifted being indeed”

I Love Sacred Activations!!! Easy to Do, Awesome Results!

I met Tamra in April 2019. I was asking for help with clearing some heavy energies from my fields. Nothing else was working! Thankfully, I was guided to Tamra! I find Sacred Activations to be the fastest and the easiest process for clearing out, activating, and creating just about everything I have been wanting to achieve. Many of the other techniques I have practiced over the past 53+ years of my life have taken a lot of time and effort to achieve even the slightest results. I am so grateful to have found Sacred Activations!!! They are easy to do, take little time and effort, and they produce awesome results. My life has been forever changed because of Tamra's Sacred Activations! Yours will, too!

It's Truly Remarkable How Powerful This Work Is

I've followed Tamra and her activations for a while now, and they are life changing and simple. Tamra's style is easy to follow and relatable. I recommend her work and activations to anyone looping to grow spiritually quickly and easily. Perhaps the best part, though, is it keeps getting better and better. "Out of the Mind Matrix" represents a radical step-up in her Sacred Activation offerings. It's truly remarkable how powerful this work is. I've always been impressed with the power of Sacred Activations to enact real change, real fast. Multiply that x100, and that's where she's at with "Out of the Mind Matrix

Now Getting Paid for My Services!

My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations…. I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients. I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free. Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now!

Rapid Life Transformation

Tamra's method of sacred activations is one of the most powerful single modalities I have come across, particularly for the rapid transformation of one's life. She is a powerhouse of a healer with a tremendous heart, and I highly recommend this work.

Feeling More Balanced and at Ease in Challenging Situations

I am so thankful for these wonderful activations. They have become an important part of my life, and I feel much more balanced and at ease in a lot of challenging situations. I like listening to Tamra's voice very much, as she is full of love, humor, and compassion. So, thank you for your inspiring work and I am looking forward to many wonderful activations to come!

Amazing Total Transformation

I've had a HUGE revelation in the relationship between me n James n how I was limiting things… In turn he's changed completely as well. I'm also extremely productive it's as if all this stuff I've been wanting to get done I just started doing and completing. My skin looks amazing n my energy is thru the roof- I'm not sluggish anymore! I also feel something amazing heading my way money wise… I did the unstuck webinars tonight and I TOTALLY felt the shift… Moneys going to start flowing in… it's the craziest feeling of just knowing and waiting.

My Health Has Improved Remarkably

In December I had Open-Heart surgery. I was in hospital for 3 months and it has been a slow process getting back to a fairly good standard of health. My husband and I purchased the big package of about 29 Activations in April. We started doing them straight away at rather a frantic pace. There were some initial reactions but not any longer than a couple of days. We did them solidly from April until July. Had a break of 3 weeks and are back into them again. Just recently I had an appointment with the heart surgeon who informed me the cells had apparently been renewing. We give the Activations the credit for this—my health has improved remarkably since April. I also have diabetes type 2 and am doing the Lord Metatron, Moses Code, Fruit of Life and Organ Rejuvenation and feel there are good signs showing there also.

Letting the Expanded Part of Me Lead the Way

Since I received the Sacred Geometry downloads this is what has happened. I have been struggling for a year to get my new business launched. Lots of busy work that didn't pay much kept showing up and because it was there and in front of me, I kept jumping on that. Now my goal is to let go of what is not serving me and move into a place of expanded awareness and instead of, boy that would be nice if I could do that, I will be doing it. Instead of seeing all of the obstacles I can let that expanded part of me lead the way.

Now, are you ready to quit selling yourself short, start playing big, and grant yourself the value you deserve?

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VALUE: $3190


What is included:

  • Receive the replays of the most recent six weeks live training with 15 activations each – September 2022 (value: $2340)
  • Get a copy of the previous Empowered Healers training – August 2019 (Value: $597)

Available in One-Time Payment or 3 Monthly Payment


VALUE: $2592


What is included:

  • Receive the replays of the most recent six weeks live training with 15 activations each – September 2022 (value: $2340)
  • Get copies of the previous Empowered healers Training – August 2019 (Value $597)


  • 10 Activations for Psychic Abilities (Value: $260)

Available in One-Time Payment or 3 Monthly Payment

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