The International Agency for Research on Cancer updated an estimated 19.3 million new cancer cases and almost 10.0 million cancer deaths occurred in 2020 worldwide.

Let’s DISCONNECT FROM cancer and win!

Disconnecting from Cancer Consciousness

Master Teacher Tamra Oviatt offers remote powerful energy clearing from fears and beliefs about cancer, raising your vibrational energy so you can manifest health into your life.

When you disconnect from cancer consciousness and unplug from the collective belief systems about cancer, you are taking away its power over you.

Cancer is alive. Let’s not feed more life into it with our fears and belief systems.

Let’s defeat it. Let’s make it weak.

Ready to release all your fears and belief systems about cancer?

Why join?

This is a one-hour powerful energy-clearing that releases you from your fears and belief systems about cancers and getting them.

This will raise your vibration towards manifesting vibrant health as the sacred energies continue to work on you for days, weeks, and even months.

This will lower your risk of cancer as you disconnect from the collective cancer consciousness.

The Source Energy will run the class the whole time --from start to finish, aligning and connecting you to the Divine Energy of Love.


This class will end with a magical guided meditation on tapping your creative power so you’ll manifest vibrant health and attract the life you desire.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


Heal yourself, Heal the planet

Join the thousands of people who’ve already shifted their lives through Sacred Activations!


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Maureen Moss
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Tamra Oviatt is a rare being. I call her a one-of-one because I truly haven’t known another like her. A unique Master capable of launching activations and teachings that cannot be denied nor checked off as another one of those, she is also a woman with a distinct knowing of all things Universe, deeply cares about peace on earth and carries within her a heart of gold right in the center of one heck of a wild, quirky unassuming personality. A rare, gifted being indeed
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I was born with a significant disability. I’ve always known that this disability was also held in my body on an emotional level. I started working on clearing the disability from my body even as a teenager – first clearing the shame so I could be happier in my body. I found other healing modalities that would make my body feel better and move better but these changes only stayed a few days. I never got long term results. I know that I had chosen this on some level for this lifetime but I also knew that I could change my mind and not do it anymore. I found Sacred Activations by chance scrolling through social media. I felt the energy straight away. Some months later, I took the Practitioner training. I was already practicing as a Healer but I was so nervous to do the training online. I was worried that as my speech was effected combined with my Aussie accent people wouldn’t understand me. I loved the Sacred Activations energy so much and I could see the potential for serving other people. Every time I did training or one of your webinars there were changes in my body. Most of the time the changes are small but they are consistent. The changes stay. Now, after three plus years I’m speaking more clearly than I ever have before, my balance is so much better, I don’t fatigue and I can chew without pain. I’m now a Certified Sacred Activations Master Practitioner Teacher, I’m not hiding away anymore and I feel amazing!
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