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It is my mission to take you on a spiritual journey where you can live in happiness, joy, health, abundance, and love.  I want you to have the kind of life that you love.

A kind of life where when you get up for a new day, you are filled with excitement and gratefulness for the opportunity to live. A life with that is free from any negative or limiting beliefs.

Please do check out my blog below as I share with you stories and insights to help you achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul. Together we vibrate higher. Together, we live our best life. 


A List of Simple Ways to Raise your Emotional and Spiritual Vibration

The higher your vibrational frequency, the more magical your life will be. Imagine living your everyday life feeling lighter, happier, and more at ease. Isn’t it amazing when we see joy and love flourish everywhere just because we are vibrating their frequencies? In that place of soaring emotion, it’s easier for you to step into

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3 Big Reasons Why Your Manifestations Aren’t Working

It takes inner work to become a manifestation powerhouse. Suppose you have created your intentions and set them using specific and positive affirmations. You visualize them. You feel aligned. You feel excited. You even made a vision board, a future box, scripting, and all other manifestation techniques. Then you wait. You wait, then wait, then

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5 Smart Ways to Respond to External Circumstances in Your Life

We can’t control what we are facing, but we can choose how we face it. Respond, not react. You have probably heard of this little piece of advice anywhere from internet inspirational blogs to self-help books on how to handle unexpected everyday situations or in-the-moment tension. Yes, responding, not reacting, to outside stimuli is actually

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5 Astonishing Things That Will Happen When You Activate Your Junk DNA

The DNA molecule, found in every living cell, is often referred to as “the blueprint of life” by the scientists, because it carries instructions necessary for growth, development, survival, and reproduction. But there’s much more to our biological DNA than just a carrier of genetic code. According to geneticists, our genetic blueprint is made up

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How Does Clearing Your Future Timelines Make a Difference in Your Whole Life

Sometimes, we unintentionally plant a seed of unwanted circumstances and experiences in our future timeline through our thoughts and emotions.  Believe me, you were born with infinite future possibilities. There are an infinite number of you in your future timelines, going through different situations and circumstances, making different choices and experiencing different outcomes, and vibrating

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As the founder of Sacred Activations, Tamra Oviatt is a keynote speaker, visionary leader, bestselling author of nine books, winner of the International Bestseller Publishing Award, and sought-after teacher. Since receiving her first activation from Lord Metatron, over a hundred thousand people around the globe have experienced Sacred Activations. Tamra has also trained over 400 practitioners worldwide who use this powerful modality in their own practices.

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