Addiction Activations

Are you A Martyr:
Stop living your life for others

Do you live your life for others? Are other people’s feelings and needs are more important than you own? Were you taught to put others first? Do you feel guilty for choosing yourself?

Many people hold subconscious programs that they have to sacrifice and martyr themselves for others. Having a martyr tendency saps your strengths and effectiveness because you always feel responsible for others’ well-being and happiness while ignoring your own needs.

This Activation disconnects you from the collective consciousness of being a martyr. When you receive this energy, you will:

  1. Let go of your martyr traits and tendencies, so you will no longer put others first at you own expense.
  2. Love and care others without allowing yourself to be used or destroyed in the process.
  3. Achieve balance in tending your needs and other people’s needs.
  4. Make time for self-care — because focusing on yourself first is not selfish, it’s necessary.

Addiction Redirection:
Overcome your addictions

This Activation clears you from behavioral and substance addiction that have impacted your your physical, mental, social, and financial well-being.

This Activation will help you:

  • Diminish the power of addiction over you and increase your choice and will to act.
  • Diminish the craving for the object of your addiction over time as the energy continues to work on you.
  • Restore your energy and tendency to self-nurture and self-love, allowing you to make healthy choices.
  • Release you from using addictive substances and engaging in addictive behaviors as ways to find love, joy, and pleasure.

This energy clears out your addiction to phones and TVs, internet use, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, toxic relationship, gambling, binge eating, shopping, pain, and all other patterns of unhealthy behaviors.

Polar Opposites:
Reverse your negative thoughts

This Activation deletes intrusive negative thoughts that keep running in your head and rewrite them with their positive opposites. This sacred energy is extremely powerful in reversing your old negative thought patterns into positive ones.

When you have a thought that repeats over and over and over again everyday, it creates new neural pathway in your brain. This pathway strengthens by repetition until that thought becomes your new normal thinking.

What this Activation does is to clear that negative thought out, bring it down from a river to a stream to a trickle until it dries up and goes away, dis-creating and wiping out the negative neural pathway and allowing new positive pathway of higher vibration to be created.

When you receive the Polar Opposites Activation, you will notice that the repeating negative thoughts that used to run in your head will lessen until they completely stop and replaced with positive and empowering ones.

Listen to this Activation anytime you have unwanted thoughts stuck in your head

Anger and resentment towards God:
Do you blame God?

Are you holding anger, bitterness, resentment towards God because of all the misfortunes and tragedies that have gone through in your life? Did you blame God when you suffered from immense loss and grief?

Some of us resent God for our painful experiences. When we feel helpless, wronged, or abandoned, we become angry with God. Every time bad things happen, this resentment grows.

Anger and resentment keep you from trusting and believing that God/Universe/Source always align you to your highest and greatest good. These feelings will only block your power to create miracles and your knowing that you are always supported.

This Activation will release you from your anger and resentment towards God, Life, the World, and everything you go through in all your lifetimes. This addresses your issues at a deepest level, including those beliefs you have formed in those times when you are feeding on anger, hate, and resentment

Need To Know:
Trust where you’re headed

This Activation disconnects you from the need to know everything about your future and how things are going to unfold for you, allowing yourself to trust the process and be in that knowing that the Universe/Creator/God always has you back.

Why do we have that need to know the future? By knowing what will happen, we get the advantage over a situation or we are able to resolve our anxiety about the outcome of a situation.

Our need to know about our future stems from our lack of faith. This need removes us from living in the present moment.

Receiving this sacred energy helps you to:

  1. Let go of your need to know about your future, how it unfolds, where you’re headed, what are the outcomes of your present decisions — in this way, you are able to live deeply in the present moment;
  2. Let go of trying to micromanage and over-control everything in your life just to move toward the future you desire — just trust where you are right now; and
  3. Have faith in the process with an inner knowing that the Universe/Creator/God wont let you down.

Are you A Target:
Release the fear of being targeted by people

Do you feel you’re a target? Do you feel you are being targeted with hatred, ridicule, or rage because of your faith, beliefs, abilities, or gifts?

Many people in history have been a target and have died for their beliefs and abilities to change the world. Jesus died for bringing people to God. Joan of Arc died fighting for peace for her country. Martin Luther King Jr. died for freedom and equality.

If you want to be a part of healing the masses and waking up people to their power, this Activation will help you:

  • Release the fear of being a target, get attacked, and get killed for your beliefs, gifts, and abilities.
  • Release the need to die to get your message out to the world.

You can change the world with your gifts and abilities without living in fear of people’s mockery, anger, or rage. You can change the world without getting attacked and killed in the process.

If you’ve been using Sacred Activations faithfully and consistently AFTER A FULL YEAR and haven’t noticed a single change in both your inner and outer world, we’ve got a promise for you. We’ll gladly give you your money back! It’s our way of saying we’re committed to making a real difference in your life.

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